Traveling the world, Teaching Marketing to each new Generation and Loving it so much that I Can't Believe I Am Paid To Do What I Do!

Voted PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR 10 times in 8 years on 4 continents training & developing executives,  managers and MBAs globally.

Marco Protano -- a 31 year veteran of the training, consulting, consumer goods and banking sectors—currently serves as Managing Director of The Nurture Company responsible for training, coaching & advising growth-focused ventures in Market-based Planning & Management. 

A passionate and proven educator who has trained thousands of executives, managers and students worldwide.  Voted by veterans of his classroom to be “PROFESSOR OF THE YEAR” 10 times in 8 years on 4 continents.   Training areas of expertise include:  1) Market-based Planning & Management (integration of Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Operations & Finance); 2) Brand Equity Building; 3) New Product Design, Launch & Hyper-growth; 4) Selling & Sales Management.  

As a lifelong coach and mentor to former students, Marco is frequently called upon to advise their existing or new ventures to initiate Market-based Planning & Mgmt., to solve complex branding challenges, to conceive/test/position and launch new products and businesses, to integrate all Customer-facing functions.

As a well seasoned Brand marketing manager responsible for global brands at RJR Nabisco and Bristol Meyers Squibb, Marco:  1) conceived and launched new innovative products and brands, 2) achieved hyper growth of priority brands and products, 3) managed mature and declining portfolios to preserve profitability, reposition or harvest.  As part of the growth team on Snackwells in the mid-1990’s at RJR Nabisco, Marco and the team accelerated growth 300% within 2 years, achieved a 15% market share of our product segment and won an “Effie” for the “Cookie Man” advertising.  

An award winning (“Best Loan Officer” in 1987) relationship manager and commercial lender, Marco built one of the Bank of Boston’s highly profitable and 100% recoverable loan portfolios from scratch in the Small Business as well as Middle Market segments which required self-initiated product development, marketing and sales efforts.